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EITI Audited Accounts (2007-2021)

Published Date: 
February, 2021

The EITI's accounts are audited by KPMG AS who were engaged by the EITI Board in January 2020.

HCA Revisjons & Rådgivning AS were EITI’s auditor from 2014-2019.  The auditors in the period 2007 until 2014 were MGI Revisjon Asker DA, named Grant Thornton Asker before 2008.

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Supporting countries contributions for 2018

Published Date: 
June, 2018
EITI International Secretariat

For the year 2018, the EITI International Management (International Board, Chair and Secretariat) has received funding from the following supporting countries

CountryPurposeUSD thousandsGovernment of Australia Core funding274Government of Belgium  Core funding119Government of CanadaCore funding109Government of DenmarkCore funding312Government of Denmark Beneficial ownership159EBRDBeneficial ownership126European Commission Core funding346Government of Finland Core funding211Government of FranceCore funding116Government of Germany Core funding223Government of the Netherlands Co

Supporting countries contributions for 2017

Published Date: 
April, 2018

For the year 2017, the EITI International Management (International Board, Chair and Secretariat) has received funding from the following supporting countries

NamePurposeUSD thousandsAustraliaCore funding270BelgiumCore funding24CanadaCore funding103ChadCore funding10Côte d'IvoireCorefunding10DenmarkCore funding300DenmarkBeneficial Ownership150European CommissionCore funding308FinlandCore funding196FranceCore funding69GermanyCore funding215GuineaCore funding10MalawiCore funding10MongoliaCore funding10NetherlandsCore funding254NorwayCore funding388Papua New GuineaCore funding10

EITI International Secretariat 2011 Report

Published Date: 
December, 2011

This report provides an account of the EITI International Secretariat’s activities in 2011. It reflects the 2011 workplan agreed by the Board at its meeting in Dar es Salaam in October 2010.

The EITI highlights of 2011 include:

Eight countries completed the Validation process bringing the total number of validated countries to 25. Eight candidate countries that had been deemed “close to Compliant” in 2010 underwent an EITI Secretariat Review to assess its progress.Six countries became EITI Compliant (Kyrgyz Republic, Mali, Mongolia, Niger, Norway and Yemen).

International Secretariat work plan

Published Date: 
January, 2021

The yearly work plans set out core activities by the International Secretariat, and are approved by the EITI Board. The work plans reflect the key priorities of the international management of the EITI for the following calendar year.