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Guide to implementing the EITI Standard

This guidance aims to support national EITI multi-stakeholder groups (MSGs) and national secretariats in implementing the requirements of the EITI Standard.  

Guidance is updated upon request. For guidance on implementing EITI requirements that not listed below, please reach out to the International Secretariat.  

EITI Requirement 3: Exploration and production

See EITI Requirement 3 in full 

EITI Requirement 4 : Revenue collection

See EITI Requirement 4 in full 

EITI Requirement 5: Revenue allocations

See EITI Requirement 5 in full 

Requirement 5.2 – Subnational transfers  

EITI Requirement 6: Social and economic spending

See EITI Requirement 6 in full 

EITI Requirement 7: Communicating outcomes and impact

See EITI Requirement 7 in full 



The use of the terms ‘must’, ‘should’, ‘required’ in the EITI Standard indicates that an issue is mandatory, and will be taken into account in the assessment of compliance with the EITI Standard. 

The use of the term ‘expected’ in the EITI Standard indicates that the multi-stakeholder group should consider the issue, and document their discussions, rationale for disclosure/non-disclosure and any barriers to disclosure. Validation will consider and document the discussions by the multi-stakeholder group. 

The use of the terms ‘recommended’, ‘encouraged’, ‘may wish’ and ‘could’ in the EITI Standard indicates that an issue is optional. Efforts by the multi-stakeholder group will be documented in Validation but will not be taken into account in the overall assessment of compliance with the EITI Standard. 

The term ‘EITI Report’ in the context of a disclosure mechanism is used as shorthand for the information and data that should be disclosed in accordance with the EITI Standard. The data can be disclosed in the form of an EITI Report, or constitute publicly available information and data gathered or cross-referenced as part of the EITI process. 

See also our glossary of terms